Business Introduction

NCR’s coating products are classified as General coatings and special coatings. After years of development, NCR has developed coating systems and market features with its own touch and occupies a very stro9ng market position. 

General coatings

Industrial heavy-duty, anti-corrosive coating mainly for the petrochemical, coal chemical, and chlor-alkali industries.

Examples of NCR’s products are: anti-corrosive steel coatings of large ethylene pipes at CNPC Lanzhou Chemical; storage tank protection and high-temperature facilities at the Petrochina Yumen Oilfield Co; anti-corrosion storage tank coating at CNPC Urumchi Petrochemical; PVC project at the Inner Mongolia Erdos Unichem International Co, Ltd; anti-corrosion steel structure protection at the Qinghai Yellow River Hydropower Recycled Aluminum Co, Ltd; fire-retardant, anti-corrosion finishing for steel structures in alkene project at Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group; anti-corrosion pipes at Sichuan Lutianhua Co, Ltd; anti-corrosion work for chlor-alkali chemical project at Dezhou Shihua Chemical Co, Ltd, chlor-alkali project at Haohua Yuhang’s Qinyang Chlor-Alkali Branch; chemical fertilizer project at Haohua Junhua Group Co, Ltd; chlor-alkali project at Hebei Shenghua Chemical Co, Ltd and Haohua Honghe Chemical Co, Ltd; and anti-corrosion steel structure finishing for smelting industry such as a Jinchuan Group Co, Ltd copper smelting project..

Equipment coatings mainly for equipment manufacturers in the electromechanical, machine tool, and automobile industries.

These include of CSR locomotive finish coats; anti-corrosion finish coat of special vehicles at Lanzhou Power Station & Vehicle Institute Co, Ltd; finish coats for Spark Machine Tool, Shaanxi Qinchuan Grande Machine Tool Co, Ltd, and Heli Forklift Trucks; finish coat for Lanzhou Lanshi Group Co, Ltd; and anti-corrosion, fire-retardant, heat-resistant finish coats for Lanpec Technologies Ltd. 

Specialized coatings

After many years of work, NCR’s military product business has taken shape with several main products, clients, and regions, extending nationwide, involving a number of special coating for aviation, aerospace, weapons, electronics, warships, and the nuclear power industry, with a definite market pattern and special coating products with NCR’s own touch. This will lay a solid foundation for future special coating market development and NCR will have a stable position nationwide in military-related products.

These can apply to airplanes, aircraft engines, radar antennae, airborne equipment, guided missiles, launchers, electronic components, nuclear power equipment, environmental protection, and weapons. Depending on the different conditions these products have to meet special requirements in heat resistance, erosion resistance, corrosion protection, and microwave transmission protection, to name a few.

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