After-sale Service

In line with the principal, “quality first, customer up-most”, we make the following commitment: Every customer is entitled to after-sales service, as follows:

First、Product Delivery 
1、Supplier delivers products purchased by the consumer to designated places for free at prescribed times.
2、Supplier should replace products if the consumer meets problems, such as product specifications and quantities that are different from the contract.

Second、Service of Products 
1、 We provide customers with applied technology programs of coatings. Any products we offer has detailed written manual.
2、We will provide timely, free consulting services, and our professional staff is ready to answer all kinds of problems, and if necessary, we can arrange for professionals to visit the site for guidance. 

Third、After-sales Service 
To use the coating properly and meet application requirements, we guarantee the following responsibilities and obligations:
1、Within the warranty period(one year after delivery by the supplier)
We are responsible for providing timely free after-sales service during the warranty period. However, customers are liable for damage through improper use of the product. 
2、Beyond warranty period(over one year after delivery by the supplier)
Beyond the warranty period, if there are any difficult problems when customers use products, we will provide timely, and free consulting services. If on-site service is necessary, customers should bear transportation costs.

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Address: No. 1477, Donggang East Road, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province,
Contact Person: Zhao Husen (Deputy Director)
Tel: 0931 -4868046

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