1  Introduction

Modern Paint and Finishing (MPF) is a national scientific journal, which is sponsored by North Paint & Coatings Industry Research and Design Institute, and issued at home and abroad with the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 1007-9548 and CN Serial Numbering 62-1135/TQ. It is the source periodical for Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Databases (CAJCED), full-text collected periodical of Chinese Academic Journal (CAJ) CD version, China National Knowledge Internet (CNKI) and Wanfang Data, and indexing periodical of Chemical Abstracts (CA). Winning second prize of “National Petroleum & Chemical Excellent Journal”, MPF is the only nationwide scientific journal in the finishing sector.

2  Core readership

(1) Managerial and technical coating staff in the automobile, construction machinery, transportation, shipping, 3C, and machine tool industries.     

(2) Design engineers in painting and finishing design institutes, such as car-painting design institute and engineering industrial design institute.    

(3) Engineers and technicians are working in paint manufacturing, such as car, engineering machinery and strong anticorrosive painting.                                                 

(4) Painting equipment manufacturer.    

3  Journal features

MPF is the only country-level scientific journal applicable to coating engineers. We will work with coating technicians and engineers to build a platform for lateral and longitudinal technical exchanges.

(1)Lateral exchange

Build technical exchange platforms for coating engineers in the automobile, construction machinery, and transportation sectors.

(2) Longitudinal exchange

Build exchange platforms between engineers and paints to help meet demands of paint applications. Engineers can understand relevant techniques of paints, and select suitable products.

4  Special column in 2012

According to the requirements of managerial and technical coating staff in automobiles, construction machinery and transportation industries, Modern Paint and Finishing opened up a special column for senior coating technicians named, “Finishing Skills”. In each issue, there is a finishing team from a host plant to introduce experiences of senior coating technicians and innovations. Problems related to coating equipment, materials or processes are listed below, which invites partners to solve the problems.

The first issue for 2012 reported on the City Rail Business Unit of Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co. Ltd., the second annual issue on Quality Department of Sanyi Group Co. Ltd., the third issue on Car Body Department of Shanxi Automobile Group Co. Ltd., the fourth on Anhui Hualing Heavy Truck Co. Ltd., the fifth on Finishing Branch Office of Zhengzhou Yutong Co. Ltd., and the sixth on Bus Business Unit of Jianghuai Automobile Company (JAC).

5  Feature of paint resources

The majority of readers and authors come from the main engine plants of commercial vehicles, construction engineering or transportation. The plants manufacture heavy trucks, motorbuses, auto spare parts, construction engineering and track cars; domestic painting plants have the capacity to form complete set. It is not a sedan industry or finishing mating industry, which is divided into the Germany, European or Japanese series, leaving no opportunities for domestic painting plants. We utilize our core readership and authors as resources through meetings and daily communications to provide market information for our partners.


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