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The North Paint & Coatings Industry Research and Design Institute (North Institute) is a scientific research institute and subsidiary of the China HaoHua Chemical (Group) Corp, in Lanzhou (Gansu province), and China’s first research and development center for coatings, paints, and additives. It was originally established, in 1969, as the Chemical Coating Industry Research Institute, then, in 1999, was transformed into a science and technology enterprise and given its current name.

For 40 years, the North Institute has devoted itself to research and development of new forms of paint and coating technology, using its scientific and technological advantages and working for industrial progress, and has become a strong, specialized enterprise. It has developed more than 700 items for key national and provincial projects and has won more 150 state and provincial awards, while 70 percent of its scientific research accomplishments are used in various industries across the country, most of them in the lead, domestically, and some at the globally advanced level.

The North Institute is the industry’s special coatings engineering center and a national, provincial, and municipal technology center, as well as a first-class research and development center at the national level in special coatings, powder coatings, high-temperature coatings, temperature-indicative coatings, water-based coatings, transportation equipment coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, engineering machinery coatings, and new polyurethane curing agents. It is currently working on a water-based coating series, special military coatings, heavy corrosion-protection coatings, and machinery and equipment coatings. In its special military coatings, it supports the weapons and defense industries and has been active in many large-scale research projects and in the developing all types of special coatings for aerospace, weapons, and electronics.

It applies the latest research developments and scientific technology to meet market demands and help industry, and has industrialized many of its scientific accomplishments, such as special-function coatings, engineering machinery coatings, heavy industry anti-corrosion coatings, environmental protection coatings, new polyurethane curing agents, and furniture paints, and more than 100 varieties of other paints, resins, pigments, and additives, all of them in the lead domestically.

The industrialization base is located on the east side of the industrial economic development zone in the city of Lanzhou, the base covers a 3.33 hectares area, with a modern factory with complete facilities, advanced equipment, and a high degree of automation. It has a chemical safety license and strictly adheres to a clean production process in its management and operations. The production capacity of its major devices is 10,000 tons per year, with a resin synthesis unit production capacity of 8,000 tons, and finished coating and grinding unit capacity of 2,000 tons.

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