Scientific Research Team

The North Paint & Coatings Industry Research and Design Institute has 51 people engaged in scientific and technological R&D, 14 of them senior engineers, three engineering professors, 23 engineers, and 11 various others, with one PhD and 12 master’s degrees. It has one R&D management office, nine R&D departments, one after-sales service department, and one testing center.

The fields of work of each department are as follows:

R&D Management Office

This office manages project design and development inspects the execution of a plan and organizes project approval and initiation; oversees the signing and management of military R&D contracts; and assists in reviewing technical contracts and managing CEC projects.

R&D Dept No 1: thermal paint

R&D Dept No 2: water-soluble inorganic high-temperature resistant coatings

R&D Dept No 3: water-soluble special polyurethane and polyurethane coatings

R&D Dept No 4: water-soluble specialized coatings

R&D Dept No 5: organosilicon and specialized coatings

R&D Dept No 6: industrial and anti-corrosion coatings

R&D Dept No 7: double-layer coatings

R&D Dept No 8: specialized coatings

R&D Dept No 9: research and management of production technology

After-sales Service Department: after-sales product services

Testing Center: analysis and testing of raw materials and products

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